Breaking Ground

After some inspiration from a good friend last weekend, Kyle and I have decided to start a blog to document our DIY projects. I've been looking for something new and productive to spend some time on, and this seems like it could be a good filler. We're going to do the projects regardless, so why... Continue Reading →

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Two Words: HOT. TUB.

We've been looking for a hot tub for a while. We have this nice concrete patio in our backyard that was just meant to be the home of our very own heated spa. Now, we weren't about to go drop thousands of dollars on a new hot tub, so we'd be searching kijiji for a... Continue Reading →

Crazy Little Thing Called Life

Life happens. It's been a while since we posted. I'm not saying "I've been too busy" or "My crazy life got in the way". No excuses or apologies, because there's no need to apologize for doing what you need to do. Things happen, and you just do your best to prioritize and keep going. Our... Continue Reading →

Our Home Away From Home

Kyle and I have always loved camping. We both spent a lot of time tenting with friends in our teens and early twenties, and we continued tenting for the first couple years after we started dating. It worked great when our little family consisted of only Kyle, me, and our little Bacardi. But the first... Continue Reading →

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