Our Home Away From Home

Kyle and I have always loved camping. We both spent a lot of time tenting with friends in our teens and early twenties, and we continued tenting for the first couple years after we started dating. It worked great when our little family consisted of only Kyle, me, and our little Bacardi. But the first summer after we rescued Curtis started to get difficult (putting it in the nicest way possible). He was too big and strong to be held in by the flimsy walls of our tent. And, honestly, I was starting to hate loathe dislike the amount of packing and unpacking and re-packing and more unpacking that was required for just a weekend trip.

So we decided to buy a camping trailer.

We were looking for something used and small, so we started off looking at ~18-20 ft pull-behind trailers on kijiji, buyselltrade, and other similar sites. We had a tiny budget (<$3000), and wanted something that we could make usable within a few weeks. I had only two firm conditions:

  1. It had to have a toilet. I was done with wandering halfway across a campground in the middle of the night to pee.
  2. It had to have a permanently set-up bed. I didn’t want to have to make up a bed every night (because I knew it would be me setting up the bed every. single. night.) Not happening.

Although my checklist was short, it proved to be VERY hard to find in a little, pull-behind trailer. So we expanded our search.

We looked at everything and anything. Truck box trailers. Motorhomes. 5th wheels. Van campers.

And then we found this beauty.


Isn’t it great?

Now, personally, neither one of us is much of a camo fan. Especially when it’s done by literally holding a branch up against the siding and spray painting over it. It needed some love and vision and a LOT of hard work, but we saw the potential.

Stay tuned to see the steps we took to turn this dump hunting shack into our home away from home.

Here’s a peek at some of the before photos. (Forgive the low quality – it was after midnight, and we didn’t anticipate posting them on a blog a year later.)


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